Future Leaders Program

Vision for Future Leaders
Developing Leaders in our Organization to increase the Value of Others and themselves.

What is it?
The Future Leaders Program is a Davki designed initiative to help improve the professional and personnel development of our staff.

The Program is designed to allow you to understand how to professionally increase your Leadership and Influence ability within your Work Group and your personal life. Leadership is undertaken in a daily capacity through your ability to influence others around you, both at home and whilst the Work Environment, for the increased value of yourself and others.

The program is designed to bring to Davki and their Leaders the ability to invest in a long-term vision for growth and development.

Who are We Looking For?
We are looking for Team Members who have a Growth Mindset. Who have a Positive Restlessness in Maintaining the mundane and average. We want Team who want more Opportunity and more responsibility in what they do within Davki. We want Team Member who are wanting to reach their fullest potential, both professionally and personally.

How are we doing it?
The program is designed to be covered over a duration of 12 Months, covering off both Head Office Seminars and Web Tutorials/ Modules. The Leadership System will be led by our Senior Team. The program will be combined with Teaching Presentations, and Administration packs required for reviewing and completion. The attendance is compulsory, which is fully funded by Davki.