Experience with Davki

Culturing the way Concierge Services are integrated into our Security Industry, we believe that all of our Premium Assets need to have a lasting memorable experience.

At the forefront to any Building, your Front of House staff need to represent the best of what the building can offer. We specialize in exactly that. We fit people to suit you and your Site’s, Tenants and the overall objective. We cannot be classed as a Security Provider, or Simply a Concierge Service. We create experiences for you and your tenant’s and guests. When provided with the opportunity our staff will provide the absolute best impression, for you and the Building.

Our Concierge etiquette Training is provided to allow our Staff to understand and know the History, and inner-workings of a Concierge Service, and how we integrate that with a Security Role.

We can create and help you celebrate an event, or single moment with someone special, through our expansive network of contacts. We spend the time doing the running around, so you can spend more time focusing on yourself.

We can offer a vast platform of services and goods for you to have an experience second to none, as simple as flowers, or as complex as private specialized adventures.