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A Concierge Provider, unlike any others,
the Scientists of Security.

When understanding what Davki is about, you need to understand the Values and Commitment to our Vision. “Excellence is not the exception but the expected”. We do not idle or walk incoherently to a location, we move with purpose on a concise and analytical foundation of research and development.

Davki Formed in 2009 with one Thought, Transparency. The understanding of an Industry marred by Bad Publicity Staffing chaos, and Un-Professional habits- provided Davki with an approach of Honesty and Transparency, simple and basic solutions.

Once we have started we sought out new and more Advanced ways to Turn Basic into Brilliant. The formation of our Technology Group, meant the birth of a Decade long journey in understanding what could be achieved through Technology and Analytics, Thoughtful Purpose, and Cutting Edge Software.

Once decided on we were relentless in our pursuit of the achievement, of Excellence and Transparency. Davki’s Management Group from inception to-date remain un-changed and un-wavering in their commitment, of understanding our Full Potential within First our Local and National Market.

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