Help for our Homeless

Our Heart of service extends to the people who indeed need this the most, People who are unfortunate or have had troubles in their life occur, resulting in their State of Homelessness. At Davki we see no separation between people who live on the Street, and People who live in homes, both are seen equally by God, as they are seen equally by us.

In combination with Trading Partners, we provide alternative to what can be a very dire situation, by helping those who cannot help themselves. Sometimes through the worst situations, People simply need to know hope exists, and the care of People create that.

We provide Homeless Swag, and blankets to those who we come across, on our assets. Our staff whilst following the wishes on Property Owners assist in both a compassionate, and professional way of helping.

This is done by assisting them to collect belongings, providing food or supplies, swags or blankets, whilst sharing hope through their actions and words.

We charge all of our staff, with this directive, of help and honour to those who need it the most.

Should you wish to become a Mission Partner with Davki please email us at