Mobile Patrols

A secondary model to our Concierge Service- we provide a Mobile Concierge Service after hours, weekends. With the demands of an ever growing industry, we provide Security Services via Mobile Patrolling to a higher level.

What are the benefits- simple, our extension to our core, providing the same service just in smaller, shorter timespans.

You should have the confidence in Davki Managing your properties Security During and After Hours. Combined with our Technology and Software, you will have the Reporting and Analytical side of your Building and Portfolio’s needs through in-depth Task Management, Historical Reporting, Profiling and Assessments.

Our Fleet Vehicles across SE Qld, are maintained and used in conjunction with out Sustainability and Environmental Policies and Practices. Our commitment as a Green Provider, is paramount to our success.

Managed directly by our Helpdesk, we can track and dispatch vehicles with response times in under 15 minutes, mapped via Geo Fencing and Davki’s Patented Software.