Integrity and Feedback

We encourage all staff to first attempt to discuss the issue with the staff member directly should they feel comfortable, to attempt to educate them on their wrongdoing or errors in the service, mannerism.

Should the incident be identified as critical in nature or something that is unable to be discussed with the member you can discuss your concerns in two primary ways;

  1. Direct Access for Staff

All staff have the ability night or day to bring to the attention of their manager, anything they may deem to be in the category of wrongdoing, or suggestions for improvement.

All staff should always if comfortable discuss with their immediate Manager first any issue they feel falls within the category of wrongdoing to allow their Manager to deliver assistance.

Should a staff member not feel comfortable with the discussion to occur with their Immediate Manager, they have the ability to escalate the level at which the item is reported.

Health and Safety Issue OH&S Representative

SOP/Staff Performance Operation’s Manager

Staff Conflict/Fraudulent Behaviour National Operations Manager

Fraud/Harassment/Financial Crime Director