Feedback and Integrity Policy
The provision that executes our mapping of Integrity and standards by all Staff. Read more Login

Environmental Policy
Provides Davki’s commitment and execution of how we exist and perform Services within Australia, with respect to our carbon footprint and exposure. Read more Login

Fatigue and Work-Related Stress
Provides Davki Staff with the awareness of signs and symptoms of fatigues and stress. Empowerment through techniques and other tools and methods. Provides Davki’s Policy on Fatigue. Read more Login

Sustainability Policy
Provides Davki staff and our clients, the ownership we have over our Operating Exposure, and commitment to continuous and sustainable operations. Read more Login

Quality Assurance Plan
Our strategic plan and delivery of how our staff achieve a Quality guaranteed service. Read more Login

OHS Policy
Our Daily Step by Step Framework for all tasks, from both Legislative and procedural context. Read more Login

WHS Policy
Provides for our Staff the understanding and framework for how all tasks are to be completed, with the empowerment through Knowledge and planning. Read more Login

Concierge Etiquette
Provides our staff with the governance and requirements to maintaining our role and ethics in the exclusive role of performing Concierge Services. Read more Login

Corporate Governance
Provides Davki position and Operational framework to our Group in all services, and the integration into 1 formulated unit. Read more Login