Our Leaders our Staff

Davki don’t think that we have good staff, we know we have the best. Davki train and influence our staff to the understanding of what delivers exceptional and outright excellence.

Delivered throughout our rigorous Interview Screening and assessments, a combination of Office based and onsite and online testing and training, our staff receive the title of becoming the best version of themselves. Once they realise and achieve their potential, our staff are un-leashed onsite with the Full Support of our 24/7 Helpdesk and our Personal Operations Team.

Training that covers Etiquette – Christian Values- Reporting – Software – Policies and Procedures. All staff are required to maintain 85% Pass mark in all assessments throughout their employment. All staff are required to complete Monthly Assessment and Training modules online through our Custom Built and Designed Automated Learning System, the LMS. Modules are delivered by Interactive Video and Audio, with history and benchmarking for all staff. The interactive tool allows our staff to maintain current skills, but also the power and ability to acquire a new ones.

Each staff Member is not just valued, but an empowered Professional in our Team.  To help grow Leaders, you need to empower your Team with the ownership of their roles.

We do not believe, staff will ever reach their potential, so we know the constant growth and development is a vital requirement in the journey. Davki provides multiple ways for staff to benefit from our personal and tailored training and development programs.

Our staff are leaders in our Industry, they build our organisation, the Heartbeat with everything they are able to achieve.